How blockchain will securely disrupt healthcare to solve common business problems


Join a panel of experts for the latest information on blockchain cybersecurity, healthcare use cases, practical guidance and more

How blockchain will securely disrupt healthcare to solve common business problems

Blockchain is no longer a mystery. Healthcare organizations are starting to understand how it works – and even better, how it can work for them. As more healthcare organizations decide that the distributed ledger technology might help them address data-intensive issues with clinical trials, patient medical records, complex billing, supply chain, and medical research, the more these networks will grow and the faster blockchain will catch on across healthcare.

In this webinar, a panel of experts will address blockchain’s fundamental technology and how it will securely enable the complex, distributed and highly regulated healthcare industry in a myriad of ways.

We'll cover:

  • Blockchain technology overview
  • Security features enabled by blockchain
  • How blockchain addresses common cyberattacks faced by the healthcare industry and potential cybersecurity risks associated with blockchain
  • Healthcare use cases, pilot programs and applications
  • Developing, testing, and deploying secure blockchain applications
  • A layered approach and high-level roadmap for blockchain
  • Policy recommendations applicable to blockchain users and regulators
  • A checklist for blockchain in healthcare

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Meet the Panelists

Mitch Ross
Cyber Engineering

David Houlding
Director Healthcare
Privacy & Security
Intel Health & Life Sciences

Hector Rodriguez
Health Chief Information Security Officer

Joachim Sandgaard
Founder & CEO