GDPR for Healthcare & Life Sciences


What You Need to Know Now

GDPR for Healthcare & Life Sciences

This webinar covers in detail which healthcare organizations need to comply, and why.  We’ll also review the differences between HIPAA and the GDPR, plus how you can leverage frameworks such as the HITRUST CSF to streamline compliance efforts. We’ll discuss the ‘trickle-down’ effect to clarify how data processor services provided by US companies to EU companies affect scope.

We’ll provide information for how life sciences organizations can prepare to maintain data integrity and quality as clinical trials become more complex and global. We’ll offer a crash course on the benefits of de-identification, anonymization and pseudonymization to clarify how clinical data can be managed.

We’ll cover:

  • Who’s in scope and why?
  • Special scenarios that aren’t in scope.
  • How cross-border data transfer can be managed.
  • What happens when a data breach occurs in the US with EU citizen data?
  • How the enforcement process may occur in the US.
  • HITRUST CSF v9.1 integration with the GDPR.
  • What you can do in the next two months, and beyond.

Key takeaways:

  • Determine if your organization is in scope for the GDPR.
  • Learn about special circumstances that could apply to your organization that may put you in scope.
  • Find out about how to leverage the HITRUST CSF to streamline GDPR compliance efforts.
  • Prepare to take the next steps to readiness.

Who should attend this webinar…legal, privacy and security professionals at:

  • Healthcare covered entities (providers and payers);
  • Life sciences orgs (pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers);
  • Healthcare service providers/business associates.

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