GDPR Compliance in the Cloud: How Azure Can Help


Presented by Coalfire

GDPR Compliance in the Cloud: How Azure Can Help

The GDPR deadline is May 25th. Is Your Organization Ready?

If you still have questions about GDPR, view this webinar. Our expert panel will be answering frequently asked questions about GDPR in the cloud.

We will end with a 15-minute question and answer session with our panelists.

Topics Our Panelists Will Cover:

  • How does moving to the cloud impact risk and compliance?
  • What is Microsoft’s position on GDPR as it affects cloud customers?
  • Demonstrating compliance when your data processing takes place in the cloud
  • The Azure-specific benefits of GDPR Compliance

Meet the Speakers:

Paul Sonntag
Practice Director
GDPR & Privacy

Dan Stocker
Payments & Cloud Tech

David Burt
Senior Compliance Marketing Manager
Payments & Cloud Tech


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