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A single virus-infected email, one unauthorized network access, a solitary line of unsecure code within an application, or the loss of a laptop with unencrypted data is all it takes to put state and local governments – and their citizens – at risk. To prevent cyber attacks and mitigate risk, governments need to take a comprehensive cybersecurity approach, one that’s designed to address the inherent complexities of states, municipalities, and counties.

Prioritizing security at every level

To provide valuable services to their citizens, state and local governments must collect and store vast amounts of critically important data – everything from health information and tax returns, to voter registrations and property titles, and more. The lure of this data makes state and local governments a target of choice for many attackers.

Coalfire understands the intricacies, structure, and dependencies found in the state and local governments: multiple departments, numerous buildings, thousands of users, hundreds of network switches and servers, and more. We have helped states and communities of all sizes and structures identify risks and close gaps in their environment. Our experience with all the major compliance frameworks, cyber risk advisory and assessments, vendor risk management, as well as new and emerging technologies, enables us to help state and local governments understand threats, mitigate risk, and plan for the future.

Benefits of working with Coalfire:

  • Develop a comprehensive cybersecurity approach.
  • Ensure compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, and more.
  • Diligently protect data by identifying vulnerabilities and closing gaps.  
  • Receive independent, vendor-agnostic advice and validation of IT controls.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest threats.
  • Effectively manage third-party risk.
  • Promptly detect, respond, and manage security incidents.
  • Address compliance requirements with a consolidated approach.
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Why organizations in state and local government choose Coalfire

  • We work with some of the largest states, cities, and counties, and we also have extensive experience with higher education institutions.
  • As one of the original Qualified Security Assessor firms, we have performed thousands of Payment Card Industry (PCI) assessments.
  • We help governments successfully navigate complicated regulatory landscapes by providing risk-based solutions that address their advisory and assessment needs.
  • We partner with leading providers of compliance reporting tools and portals that help clients efficiently address their self-assessment questionnaire requirements.

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