Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Opportunities and Challenges for Solution Providers

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) P2PE Program offers significant market opportunities for Solution Providers, but there are often hidden challenges awaiting within the implementation and delivery of these solutions.  Regardless of where your product or service is positioned in the payment processing ecosystem, your organization needs to develop a P2PE strategy and pursue the appropriate program validations.

Why read this document?

P2PE is a complex program and affects large and small payment solution providers. This document will help payment processing organizations (e.g., gateways, processors, acquirers, point-of-sale providers, niche market payment enablement organizations, terminal software vendors, key injection facilities) devise a roadmap for building, releasing, and supporting payment terminal encryption services in adherence with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) point-to-point encryption (P2PE) program and supplementary guidance. Challenges facing solution and component providers are discussed, along with insight to help avoid these pitfalls to ensure successful validation and listing. Additional strategic options are also discussed to provide actionable compliance benefits for merchants through the transition, such as PCI’s guidance for Non-listed Encryption Solution Assessment (NESA).

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