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BYOD Survey 2013: Employees and Companies Remain Lax with BYOD Security

September 18, 2013, Mike Weber, Vice President, Coalfire Labs

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Mike Weber

Despite a dramatic increase in mobile device sales in the past year, BYOD security among employees remains static. Gartner forecasts 2013 tablet shipments to grow 67.9 percent, with shipments reaching 202 million units, while the mobile phone market will grow 4.3 percent, with volume of more than 1.8 billion units.

For the second year in a row, Coalfire examined the BYOD trend for interconnected employees and what it means for companies and the protection of their corporate data. Most organizations want the increase in productivity that mobile devices offer, but the majority does not provide company-owned tablets or mobile phones as a cost-saving measure.  Employees who want to use these devices must buy their own and are all too often left to secure potentially private information themselves.

The bottom line is that employees are still not protecting their mobile devices.

In an effort to compare how BYOD security has changed in the past year, Coalfire recently conducted an informal survey of approximately 400 users (no IT or IT security professionals were included). We asked these consumers what devices they used, how they used them, how they were secured and how comfortable they are with their devices’ technology.

This infographic showcases some of the most important insights our survey found:

We’ve taken these findings and digested this information further in a perspective paper. Click here to view the paper and the complete results of the BYOD survey.

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