IT Security Horror Story: Digging your own grave with Default Credentials

October 29, 2014, Mark Manousogianis, Information Security Consultant, Coalfire Labs

I recently performed a penetration test that really required no “hacking skills” whatsoever. I was able to obtain domain administrator rights simply by logging into web applications and network hardware using default credentials.
The process was simple. I started by logging into a wireless access point using default debug credentials. After logging into this access point, I was able to obtain the administrator password to the access point. The administrator password on the access point was the same as the domain administrator password. Game over.
Although I obtained domain administrator rights, I of course continued the test. In the time allotted to me I was able to log into the companies security cameras, the Dell DRAC cards, switches, routers and even a Barracuda mail filter using default credentials. Although the company did have a strong password policy in regards to their domain user accounts, their 1000 hosts, were completely compromised due to the consistent use of default credentials on their hardware and web applications.

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