AWS releases PCI DSS Quick Start for Deploying PCI DSS In-Scope Workloads

May 24, 2016, Communications Team, Coalfire

In the next step to help customers adopt their platform for PCI, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released their PCI DSS Quick Start program.  The PCI DSS Quick Start program is the next evolution of cloud providers developing tools for rapid deployment of standardized configurations to drive adoption in heavily regulated industries.  The Quick Start program was wholly developed by AWS field teams to help provide guidance on reference architectures, configuration and tools to rapidly deploy the guidance.

PCI DSS Quick Start for Deploying PCI DSS In-Scope Workloads

The Quick Start program includes critical elements that any organization would require to begin to deploy an environment to align with PCI DSS requirements.  This includes initial pre-requisite configurations of the platform to allow the deployment scripts complete without error.  The program also provides pre-defined scripts that can be deployed in whole or in part by organizations to leverage only elements of the accelerator that the organization feels are necessary.  The deployment scripts are also customizable to allow organizations to utilize the rapid deployment capabilities and take into account existing configuration and needs of the organization.  Finally, the scripts can be run from an organizationally-managed S3 bucket and saved for scripting and use with CloudFormation for ongoing deployment and management and scalability of the environment.
Coalfire performs the PCI validation for a variety of AWS services (VPC, S3, etc) that are included used in the Quick Start program at least annually.  Many of the services that are used by the Quick Start program are included in the PCI assessment, however, Coalfire has not performed any official PCI validation for the Quick Start configurations.  Organization that use the Quick Start program will still need to maintain the controls  required by the PCI DSS on an ongoing basis.

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