FISMA vs FedRAMP: Compliance requirement differences

May 03, 2012, Tom McAndrew, EVP Commercial Services, Coalfire

Organizations that work with, or want to work with, government agencies must manage to government compliance regulations. Almost everyone is familiar with the FISMA compliance standards, but with the announcement of FedRAMP, which provides a structure to manage compliance requirements for "a cloud first initiative" for government agencies and organizations working with them, there’s a new set of compliance requirements to adhere to. Or is there?

Coalfire recently published a perspective that highlights the differences between FISMA and FedRAMP compliance requirements. Learn about these differences between the two standards and increase your understanding of FISMA and FedRAMP by downloading the perspective here.

If you have questions about pursuing a FISMA or FedRAMP assessment, contact us at 877-224-8077 or submit a request using our contact us form.

Tom McAndrew


Tom McAndrew — EVP Commercial Services, Coalfire

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