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  • Coalfire Systems Speaking at Shared Assessments Summit 2011

    March 25, 2011, Rick Dakin, CEO, Co-founder and Chief Security Strategist

    Do you know how to ensure reliability and resiliency in cloud and SaaS environments? Join leaders from within the IT outsourcing risk management industry at the Shared Assessments Summit 2011 in Boston on March 29 and 30.

    Coalfire is participating in this summit because the value of managing risk for companies today cannot be underestimated. Read more
  • Compliance and the Cloud

    March 14, 2011, Tom McAndrew, EVP Commercial Services, Coalfire

    “The Cloud” is a hot topic right now. Yet most people can’t even define what “the cloud” really is. As I talk to more companies, who are considering the move, they all have two main concerns: security and compliance. Of course, security and compliance are key when it comes to cloud computing, but the questions you really need to be asking is not, “Will I be secure and compliant if I move to the cloud?” but rather, “What do I need to do to be secure and compliant when I move to the cloud?”

    Read more
  • IT Compliance Matures into Risk Management

    March 07, 2011, Rick Dakin, CEO, Co-founder and Chief Security Strategist

    Over the past ten years rapid change and an evolving threat landscape has better prepared Coalfire to defend our clients against known risks. Not surprisingly, much of the progress is due to compliance-related investments. As we look towards the next ten years, we see a proactive risk management framework being set in place.

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