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  • Guest blog: PCI audits and how to recognize a good QSA auditor and partner

    July 22, 2015, Patrick Townsend, Townsend Security

    Many organizations approach a PCI audit with fear and trepidation. There are a lot of stories out there about how difficult, expensive and disruptive a PCI audit can be, but I want to see if I can add some balance to this view. I believe that when it comes to a PCI auditor it matters a great deal who you are working with. We just completed a PCI audit of our Alliance Key Manager for VMware solution and it gave me a whole new perspective and attitude about the audit process. Our PCI work was conducted by Coalfire, a security company that provides PCI audit services as well as audit services for the health and financial communities. Most of my remarks will reflect on the great experience we had with Coalfire and some of the lessons we learned.

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  • PCI Scope Assessments for Higher Education Institutions

    July 13, 2015, Tyler Baker, Regional Sales Manager

    With the release of PCI DSS version 3.0 and more recently 3.1, many Higher Education Institutions have found it hard to know which SAQ’s they should be filling out since there are now nine options. Higher Education Institutions have very complex merchant card environments and with the new requirements it is even harder to recognize what’s in scope.  Tyler Baker interviews Dirk Anderson, the Vice President of Enterprise Risk & Compliance Platform at Coalfire, to get a deeper understanding of PCI Scope Assessment.

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  • What the PCI Council’s Point-to-Point-Encryption (P2PE) Update Means for You

    July 10, 2015, Tim Winston, Principal, P2PE/Payment Processors

    Last week, the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) published the updated P2PE v2.0 standard. The Summary of Changes from v1.1 to v2.0, the updated P2PE Glossary and the PIM template are available in the PCI SSC  documents library. According to the announcement, the highlights of the new version are...

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  • Banking with digital currency - A futuristic application

    July 01, 2015, Carlos Pelaez, Director of Business Development

    Digital Currency is a thing?

    $3 Billion dollars (USD) of money is out there in a digital format, not printed or managed by a government. It has many different product names and each one operates separately. One example of a digital currency is Bitcoin. It is only one of the many digital currencies that are being mined and traded today. The impact that digital currency will have in the world of banking and how we operate with money will be undeniably significant.

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