Coalfire Certificates: Proof of a Job Well Done

July 18, 2012, Chris Lietz, Vice President, Marketing & Channels

Most security professionals don’t like to boast about their good work. They would rather stay behind the scenes to keep systems and data protected from harm. However, companies also need to let customers and business partners know that they have a security program and are compliant with applicable security regulations and standards. That is why we created the Coalfire Certificate program.    -- so companies can highlight that their IT controls have been independently scanned, assessed or validated in accordance with the highest industry standards.

A Coalfire Certificate provides online and written proof of the work done to manage compliance.  Coalfire Certificates can reference the PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, FedRAMP, GLBA, or AICPA SOC standards, and can be displayed on websites or in print. Each certificate carries a unique identifier and can be verified online via the Coalfire website.  

There are three different certificates:

  • Scanned – Declares that you have maintained ‘clean’ external vulnerability scans using our CoalfireOne℠ scanning services. This is often requested by our customers who have ecommerce or other customer facing websites.
  • Assessed – Announces that Coalfire has advised and assisted you in your internal controls assessment. This is frequently used by customers that complete self assessments.
  • Validated – Affirms that Coalfire has completed an assessment documented our findings and signed off on an audit report, in accordance with industry best practices.  

To get your certificate, fill out this form or contact your assessor or sales representative. We’ll verify the details of our work together, issue the seal and send you a piece of JavaScript code that applies the seal to your website. You took the necessary steps to make sure your site and business are safe and secure. Now it is time to show if off.

Learn more at the Coalfire Certificate Program.

Chris Lietz


Chris Lietz — Vice President, Marketing & Channels

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