Highlights of Newly Released PCI DSS 3.0 Information

August 15, 2013, Matt Getzelman, PCI Practice Director

The standards are coming!  The PCI SSC has finally let loose with some much needed information regarding the upcoming releases of the PCI DSS 3.0 and PA DSS 3.0 standards.  Available on the PCI SSC website, the document titled “Version 3.0 Change Highlights” contains information on what PCI stakeholders can expect in the upcoming release of the new security standards:


An official release date has been announced and as it stands today, both 3.0 documents will be released on November 7, 2013 following the conclusion of the PCI European community meetings in France.  This document does not include a lot of specific details or finalized changes; however, there is a lot of important information within.  Following a brief explanation of the SSC’s standards development and release life-cycle, the document outlines the key themes that were emphasized during the updates of these two standards. 

The “good stuff” is located within the two tables at the end of the document (PCI DSS and PA DSS):  They include a brief explanation of each proposed change and an explanation of the purpose or need that the change will address. 

We would suggest reviewing these tables in full; if you would like additional information on how these proposed changes could impact your organization and your PCI DSS assessment, fill out the form below and a representative from Coalfire will contact you to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION.

Check back with Coalfire soon for a detailed review of all proposed PCI DSS and PA DSS changes!

Matt Getzelman


Matt Getzelman — PCI Practice Director

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