Where is your social security number today?

April 14, 2015, Leslie Kaniecki, CPA/CGMA

As April 15 approaches, the “water cooler” talk revolves around all types of topics related to the tax season.  However, due to the overwhelming number of security breaches reported this past year, several individuals are finding that fraudulent tax filings were created with voluntarily provided personal information.


While not always possible, the first step to securing personal information is to restrict who it’s provided to. This includes basic information like your social security number and your birth date.

It’s a simple step, but in that moment, the request for the information seemed reasonable, for example when your dentist asks for your social security number. So the next time your personal information is requested, question the intent. Ask yourself, “Why do they need this information?” and “How will it be stored?”

You are your first defense against fraudulent use of your personal information.

Leslie Kaniecki


Leslie Kaniecki — CPA/CGMA

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