M&A Due Diligence Support

Evaluate risk throughout the merger or acquisition process

Businesses undergoing mergers and acquisitions must complete rigorous due diligence to uncover and remediate concerns about the security posture of their merger/acquisition targets. They must also estimate post-deal security investment requirements.

Coalfire’s M&A due diligence services support these efforts by providing a rapid risk assessment that evaluates the acquisition target’s IT environment, cyber risk levels across critical security dimensions, and potential remediation costs.

Our services include:

  • Assessments that rate the maturity of an organization’s cybersecurity controls including: 
    • Risk management
    • Security organization
    • Governance, compliance, and assurance
    • Security technology
    • Third-party risk
    • Threat and vulnerability management
    • Incident management
  • Technical testing (from both and internal and external perspectives) to gather objective evidence of security program effectiveness.

Our Approach

During the due diligence phase, Coalfire provides a rapid cybersecurity risk assessment. The duration of the assessment is flexible based on the situation – but typically involves a two-to-four-week engagement that evaluates the acquisition’s IT environment and cyber risk levels across critical security dimensions.

The service is the ideal companion to our external penetration testing service, a best practice strategy in which you’ll gain an independent view of what the acquisition target looks like to an attacker.


Post Deal

Coalfire provides design and implementation support to integrate or extract an organization while ensuring appropriate security controls and governance processes are in place.

  • Our industry leading practitioners can design required capabilities to manage risk, create new solutions, and establish new organizational approaches and governance models.
  • Coalfire partners with you, as needed, throughout the implementation process with advisory services that can help with architecture design, vendor/product selection, and general implementation support.

Why Choose Coalfire for your M&A Due Diligence Support

Since our founding in 2001, Coalfire has established itself as a pure-play, vendor-neutral cybersecurity advisory firm serving as a trusted advisor to executives, legal counsel, compliance managers and security practitioners across numerous industries.

Each Coalfire project is led by a credentialed, industry-savvy senior director and supported by consultants armed with the methodologies, proven proprietary frameworks, insights and know-how accumulated through service to over 1,400 clients annually. We’re skilled communicators who present our findings in business terms for truly actionable insights.



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