M&A Due Diligence Support

Evaluate risk throughout the merger or acquisition process

To support due diligence, Coalfire evaluates an organization’s cyber security posture through:

  • Assessments that rate the maturity of an organization’s cybersecurity controls, across multiple dimensions, including: risk management; security organization; governance, compliance, and assurance; security technology; third-party risk; threat and vulnerability management; and incident management
  • Technical testing (from both and internal and external perspectives) to gather objective evidence of security program effectiveness

We produce insights and recommendations that highlight weaknesses and potential remediation costs.

Our Approach

During due diligence, the M&A assessment is designed for organizations looking for a rapid cybersecurity risk assessment. The duration of the assessment is flexible based on the situation – but typically involves a two-to-four-week engagement that evaluates the acquisition’s IT environment and cyber risk levels across critical security dimensions.


Post Deal

Coalfire provides design and implementation support to integrate or extract an organization while ensuring appropriate security controls and governance processes are in place.

  • Coalfire provides industry leading practitioners who can design required capabilities to manage risk, create new solutions, and establish new organizational approaches and governance models
  • Coalfire partners with you, as needed, throughout the implementation process with advisory services that can help with architecture design, vendor/product selection, and general implementation support



Case Studies

  • Risk Reduction Program - Retail