Cyber Risk Program Maturity Assessment

Optimize your risk management activities

In today’s escalating risk environment, directors and senior management need to identify and understand the risks facing their organizations. Coalfire’s Cyber Risk Program Maturity Assessment takes an unbiased look at key elements of an organization’s risk management program, providing benchmarks and recommendations for improvement.

To properly manage an organization’s cyber risk, management must first understand the threats facing the organization and the assets that must be protected. From there, they can make informed decisions about cybersecurity investments and manage cyber risk in the same way they manage other risks – proactively, comprehensively, and effectively.

Coalfire’s Cyber Risk Program Maturity Assessment is an excellent tool for directors and executive leaders. Our experts will review the organization’s security posture and compare it to cross-industry best practices and similar organizations.

The assessment evaluates an organization’s capabilities across multiple dimensions, including:

  • Risk management
  • Governance, compliance, and assurance
  • Security organization
  • Security technology
  • Third-party risk
  • Threat and vulnerability management
  • Incident management

A roadmap to effective cyber risk management
Following completion of the assessment, management will receive a written summary report, actionable recommendations, and an onsite presentation – all of which are designed to empower the leadership team to:

  • Understand how they are managing cyber risk, including third-party risk.
  • Take risk management activities to a more effective level.
  • Optimize the cyber program.
  • Maximize the return on investment in cybersecurity.



Case Studies

  • Risk Reduction Program - Retail