Security Monitoring and Analytics

Make smart, strategic, and informed decisions about security events

You’ve implemented tools, controls, and alerts, but are you using them effectively? With Coalfire’s security monitoring and analytics services, powered by a partnership with Splunk, you will receive an accurate picture of your cybersecurity program’s performance so you can optimize your security posture by:

  • Using metrics and analytics to support decisions.
  • Ensuring your team know how to get the most out of your security investments.
  • Identifying opportunities to automate and streamline data reporting and collection.
  • Progressing through the Splunk enterprise security maturity model.
  • Leveraging Splunk for critical compliance reporting and operational intelligence.

Security integration services

Protect your organization from real-world threats with security configurations designed to support your organization’s business and mission. With our help you can analyze, optimize, and enhance the use of security tools across your organization, so you can get the most out of existing assets and licenses. We also reprioritize, repurpose, and reconfigure your current products to help you avoid unnecessary acquisition, or, if acquisition is required, our team recommends how to make the best investment.

Expert assistance for Splunk

Whether you’re getting started with Splunk or you’re looking to maximize your existing Splunk investment, we can help you plan, develop and integrate your Splunk enterprise vision. 

Analytics and operations:

  • Compliance analytics and reporting – For DFARSPCIHIPAAHITRUST, NIST 800-171,  FedRAMP, and more, our experts transform Splunk into a single view of compliance status and an easy-to-use auditing engine. Understand status, identify changes, and make better decisions using our intuitive compliance dashboard frameworks.
  • CDM/CMaaS enablement – Jumpstart your continuous monitoring and/or continuous diagnostics and mitigation program by leveraging multiple integrated data sets presented in unified views. These views stream workflows and optimize monitoring and mitigation efforts.
  • Cyber Performance Review – An unattended Splunk deployment can cause poor performance and reduced functionality. Our proven methodology optimizes your Splunk deployment and includes a code upgrade to the latest version.
  • Premium app deployments – Implement any Splunk premium application on top of an existing Splunk Enterprise deployment. Minimize time to value and maximize ROI with turnkey solutions for Splunk Premium Apps.
  • Custom apps and integrations – We build custom Splunk apps for complex data types, ingestion, integration, and/or configuration. Custom apps can be integrated into an existing Splunk Enterprise solution or with third-party applications like ticketing systems, CMDB, or monitor-to-monitor solutions.

Architecture and implementation:

  • Design and architecture – To support your IT, security, and business requirements, we design Splunk architectures with scalability, performance, and efficiency in mind. Regardless of whether you already have Splunk, we can build on existing cyber and IT workflows to create tailored use cases and plans.
  • Deployment jumpstart – We build, install, and test all components of a Splunk solution, including data ingest, normalization, and Splunk configurations, enabling a smooth deployment and faster results.

Premium services:

  • Splunk virtual resident – Our fully managed Splunk solution provides professional alerts, reports, dashboards, integrations, and custom apps to support these use cases:
    • SOC enablement
    • Continuous diagnostics and mitigation
    • Continuous Monitoring-as-a-Service
    • Compliance reporting
    • Operational intelligence
    • Security information and event management (SIEM)
    • Performance monitoring
    • Behavior analytics

Why choose Coalfire as your security monitoring and analytics partner?

Proper configuration and deployment of security solutions maximizes your return on investment. The Coalfire team has experience with all the leading security methodologies and security management tools, which allows us to help you find the right tool for the job and maximize its capabilities to address your specific requirements.