FedRAMP Cloud Strategy Using Security, Automation and Orchestration (SAO) Techniques

Leverage Coalfire’s extensive FedRAMP 3PAO experience and engineering team to quickly get a FedRAMP compliant cloud environment ready for assessment.

Coalfire, the leading FedRAMP advisor and third-party assessment organization (3PAO) has been working with AWS and security partners on the Security, Automation and Orchestration (SAO) initiative. Historically, organizations spend ~18 months and ~$1M+ to achieve FedRAMP authorization. Coalfire’s combined NIST Advisory and Cyber Engineering teams have developed a process leveraging AWS services and security partners that assists clients in architecting/building and documenting compliant FedRAMP architectures in less than 6 months and at a fraction of historical costs.

Cloud services providers (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) seeking business with the federal government must meet FedRAMP cloud security requirements. As an original FedRAMP 3PAO, we’ve seen the challenges that many CSPs have in sourcing experienced in-house resources, documenting and developing or retrofitting a cloud environment to meet the rigorous standards of FedRAMP.

This SAO cloud strategy removes the challenges experienced by CSPs and provides companies with pre-configured AWS and security partner services, ready-made documentation that provides a jumpstart on deploying a FedRAMP compliant environment. Leveraging SAO for FedRAMP will help reduce the risk and ease the burden of deploying products in a FedRAMP compliant environment through the use of AWS CloudFormation, DevOps tools and security practices. As a result, clients can deploy preconfigured AWS GovCloud or AWS East/West cloud infrastructure and security services that are FedRAMP compliant, which greatly reduces the time to get FedRAMP ready.

Coalfire engineers, in collaboration with Coalfire’s FedRAMP advisory consultants, work effectively and efficiently using a four (4) phased approach to build and document customer FedRAMP compliant environments:

  • Align & Discover
  • Imprint & Build
  • Validate & Tune
  • Train and Transition

The benefits of leveraging Coalfire’s Cloud Migration Strategy for FedRAMP on AWS:

  • Get to market faster and expedite your compliance journey
  • Reduce internal resource burdens
  • Trust that the developed environments meet FedRAMP compliance requirements
  • Bridge your technology gaps
  • Gain reusable automation and DevOps orchestration techniques for your FedRAMP workloads and applications

Why choose Coalfire for your FedRAMP SAO provider?

As the leading FedRAMP 3PAO in the industry, we provide FedRAMP advisory and assessment services for cloud service providers (IaaS / PaaS / SaaS). As one of the longest tenured 3PAOs, Coalfire has helped more systems attain an ATO than any other 3PAO in the industry.View our FedRAMP authorized clients on FedRAMP.gov.

You’ll benefit from our unparalleled FedRAMP leadership and experience advising and assessing the largest CSPs in the world. We’ve helped transform the way government and commercial organizations work as they migrate IT services to the cloud.

  • Our SAO efforts have resulted in an assessment-ready FedRAMP moderate environment SaaS solution on AWS in less than 6 months.
  • Coalfire is a leading FedRAMP 3PAO having completed more than 80 Assessments for cloud service providers that have received FedRAMP ATO.
  • Coalfire’s NIST Advisory team has consulted and prepared over 80 clients for FedRAMP audits.
  • We know the process and best practices and understand FedRAMP requirements and JAB interpretation of controls.
  • Our teams are highly experienced and well versed in NIST 800-53 and DoD requirements and how they relate to commercial cloud environments and have incorporated this in our engineering process.
  • Coalfire has been providing assessment services since 2001.