Security Architecture White papers

Expert opinions to showcase regulatory use of your products

Since 2001, Coalfire has been providing expert cybersecurity oversight to companies that produce technology products and solutions. Our custom white papers provide the clarity, information, and, most importantly, technical guidance that only a third-party, independent, recognized expert can provide. We help you answer the following questions:

  • Can our products be used to help meet our customer’s regulatory compliance requirements?
  • What does an expert in security think about our designs and their effectiveness?
  • Could security expertise from Coalfire help our webinar, InfoSec community, and trade show outreach?

Coalfire Opinion Whitepaper Series

Take the mystery out of offering your product for cybersecurity compliance. Coalfire Opinion Series white papers can help describe how and why it may be used reliably.  

Whether you produce Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), technology suites, network, storage, mobile, or cloud products, we follow a rigorous and regulatory controls-based methodology to satisfy questions pertaining to the following regulations and requirements:

We have produced nearly one hundred white papers, each of which focuses on three aspects of your product or solution:

Product Applicability – We review the technical controls supported by the product and render an opinion on the efficacy of using the product to comply with the requirements of a regulation.

Design and Architecture – In these papers, we review reference architectures as they are shown in design documents provided by the manufacturer. Our opinion adds “eyes of the assessor” viewpoints that enable readers of the paper to prepare for regulatory assessment and answer likely questions from their Third-Party Assessment Organization (3PAO).

Validation – For companies that create “center of excellence” reference architectures intended for customer proofs of concept, Coalfire Validated Reference Architecture white papers expose an opinion formed by conducting a simulated assessment of the constructed environment. These papers are used to provide a specific validation that the intended architecture may be built and successfully assessed.

Coalfire also offers thought-leadership experts to assist in webinar, trade-show, and specific client-directed marketing and outreach on a custom basis. We have been featured experts on a variety of cybersecurity initiatives since 2001.