Mobile Security Solutions

Increase visibility, flexibility, and productivity without sacrificing security.

Mobile devices and wireless computing provide fingertip access to your most sensitive personal and professional information, making them a prime target for attackers.

Coalfire Mobile Solutions help you protect your wireless networks and mobile implementations from breaches with a proactive, best practice approach. Our experts have a deep understanding of mobile security products and are experienced at configuring, deploying, and testing mobile platforms and applications to ensure the security of data both in transit and at rest.

Customized, Long-term Solutions to Mobile Challenges

Coalfire develops custom mobile solutions for companies of all sizes and maturity levels. Our services include planning and design, continuous training in new implementations, and toolset optimization for compliance and enhanced security postures. Our commitment to research in mobility and wireless communication ensures that we deliver customized, long-term solutions for a full range of mobile and wireless challenges.

Mobile Systems

We design a customized blend of services to maximize your mobile system security, including:

  • Holistic Mobility Solution - Architecture development, including the selection of a mobile device management (MDM) solution, distributed office deployment and policy development, user onboarding, and helpdesk training.
  • Multi-platform mobility solution design (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows) - Enabling enterprise and personal data separation, if needed.
  • Operational support and remote management of mobile customer solutions using native Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync capabilities or MDM solutions.

Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) Deployments

Design and assessment of wireless local area networks (WLANs):

  • Captive portal design and implementation for guest and conference networks.
  • The implementation of leading wireless vendors such as Aruba, Cisco ISE, and Meraki.
  • Certificate-based deployments for company owned assets with X.509 certificates in concert with internal certificate authorities or mobile device managers.

Mobile Devices

Manage the unique risks associated with mobile devices, especially where traditional methodologies will not work. Our team offers:

  • Mobile app reviews for organizations that develop their own apps or deploy third-party apps from stores such as iTunes and Google Play.
  • Static and dynamic analysis, including manual engineer analysis regarding context of the apps.
  • Security analysis of mobile devices using both forensic and developer toolkits and popular rooting methodologies.

Policy and Risk Management

Build lasting security solutions with our policy design and risk management services:

  • Enterprise mobility solution risk analysis and mitigation recommendations.
  • Security requirements and policy development for mobile and remote access solutions, including web-based solutions and email.
  • Mobile solution secure technical implementation guide development.
  • MDM product evaluations.
  • FISMA compliance assistance for mobile solutions.

Why Choose Coalfire as Your Mobile Solutions Partner

Since 2011 Coalfire has provided leadership in wireless solutions and enterprise mobile apps to the most discerning federally-mandated security environments. We approach each engagement with a focus on each client’s individualized goals, and can help you protect data while enabling your employees to achieve their objectives.

Combat your toughest mobile security management challenges with our industry-leading cyber engineering services.

Coalfire is a pure-play, vendor-neutral cybersecurity advisory firm. We’ve served as a trusted advisor to executives, legal counsel, compliance managers and security practitioners across numerous industries since our founding in 2001. Each project is led by a credentialed, industry-savvy senior director and supported by consultants armed with the methodologies, insights and know-how they’ve accumulated through service to more than 1,400 clients annually.