Cyber Defense

Shift from a reactive to proactive security posture

For too long organizations have relied on reactive, firefighting measures to prevent security breaches or minimize their impact, with no clear plan for reaching any other state. Having the right tools to protect against an attack is important, but what if you could prevent an attack from happening in the first place? In the face of a continually evolving threat landscape, savvy organizations need to adopt a proactive approach to vulnerability management and defensive diagnostics and mitigation.

Coalfire’s cyber defense services can help you shift from a reactive posture with a customized program that focuses not just on tools or technology but on results-oriented workflows and compliance considerations. 

Our services include:

Why Choose Coalfire as Your Cyber Defense Partner

Our certified, technology-agnostic experts possess in-depth knowledge of a wide range of technologies in both government and commercial applications that maximize resources and deliver the best solution for your security needs. They can help you:

  • Recognize and manage cyber-related threats more efficiently.
  • Educate the C-suite about cybersecurity ROI.
  • Determine where additional internal oversight may benefit your project teams.
  • Conduct thorough technical assessments of hosts, databases, and applications to identify deficiencies.
  • Develop configuration management and patch management plans and procedures.
  • Identify aggregate level of the security risk facing your organization.
  • Solidify hardware and software inventories so the proper defenses can be employed.