CoalfireOne℠ Scanning Solutions

Easily identify IT vulnerabilities

CoalfireOne℠ Scanning Solutions are a safe and integral part of proving and maintaining compliance-without disrupting network operations. Delivered as part of the CoalfireOne platform, our internal and external self-service vulnerability scans can help you:

  • Identify potential vulnerabilities both inside and outside of your network and applications.
  • Search networks and applications for breaches that could result in identify theft, credit card fraud, spam, malware, and more.
  • Quickly and easily comply with industry specific requirements for compliance.

Internal Scanning Solutions

Our proprietary internal scanning appliance, Lighthouse, identifies your internal network’s vulnerabilities and assists in making your internal data environment secure. We help you determine your scope and can provide on-premises or virtual Lighthouse scanning solutions.

Lighthouse Core – Onsite scanning for single merchants and small-medium businesses (SMBs).

Lighthouse Enterprise – Onsite scanning tools developed to meet the special needs of the enterprise, including scans at multiple locations.

Lighthouse Virtual – Private and public cloud-based scanning for organizations of any size.

External Scanning Solutions

All entities, including merchants, service providers, and financial institutions must complete a quarterly scan to remain compliant with PCI DSS standards. Coalfire is a PCI Security Standards Council Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), and can validate adherence to the external scanning requirement of the PCI DSS 11.2. Our scanning solutions include:

  • Scan Universal – By scanning for all vulnerabilities, Scan Universal helps organizations adhere to global financial, government, industry, and healthcare mandates while helping protect their businesses from security breaches and data theft.

  • Scan ASV – Our Scan ASV solution helps organizations that are required to use an ASV for their PCI scans. ASV-certified since its inception in 2001, Coalfire has a remediation-free track record.

The CoalfireOne Services Group – Dedicated Support for your Compliance and Risk Objectives

The CoalfireOne Services Group helps you understand compliance and what you can do to manage risk. Our CoalfireOne scanning services team members are certified ASVs, here to assist you as you navigate the various PCI SSC scanning requirements. Additionally, we can help you address the identified vulnerabilities in need of remediation, but also to provide support on any PCI SSC inquiries. Whether you need assistance determining scope or you have scanning questions, the CoalfireOne scanning services team is here for you.

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