CoalfireOne℠ - Key Components

Developed and used by our own auditors, CoalfireOne℠ provides category-specific compliance and risk management solutions, all in one place – from one experienced company. CoalfireOne is our flagship SaaS platform that includes:


Access all of your projects from a company dashboard and keep apprised of messages, industry news, schedule risks and remaining workload. Specific project dashboards help all assessment members keep track of project specific work item priorities, workload distribution and project schedule risks.

Document Management

Easily manage documents and evidence through a secure document library. The document libraries are integrated with other features, like action items, to make associating your documents to regulatory requirements easy.

Action Items

Work through your projects with a full understanding of what you need to provide to satisfy assessment requirements and regulatory controls. These items facilitate a wide range of tasks to help you focus on important activities like document collection, project constraints, and asset collection and classification. With full support for requirement classification, work assignment and approval workflow, your assessment tasks will be easier to complete.


Uploading your requested assets will help you and your assessment team to quantify and group the assets within scope for your project. Once imported into CoalfireOne, the assets can be referenced for data collection and reviews.


Understanding what interviews and meetings will take place during your assessment is important. With meeting management all users involved in your project can review the topics and associated controls that will be reviewed during remote and on-site meetings. Project managers can assign meeting attendees to maximize the best use of time, resources and expertise.

Status Messages and Notifications

Receive immediate or daily digest notifications of work that has been assigned to you. Inline links provide direct access to the specific items that require your review.

Comments and Mentions

Directly mention users or make general comments on action items to ensure direct communication with assessment members. All comments and mentions are available to all users so anyone can provide responses and assist in faster resolution.

Help and Guidance

Self-help is simplified by offering users access to online resources within CoalfireOne. Additionally, our action items contain guidance so users will understand exactly what is required to satisfy the requests.

Coalfire Support

Our Services Group helps you to understand compliance and what you can do to manage risk. Our ServiceDesk handles onboarding for all compliance, risk and advisory services, as well as our self-assessment products. Our ASV certified ScanDesk team provides . These services groups are your point of contact for questions or support you may require when using any of the CoalfireOne solutions.