CoalfireOne℠ is your hub for accessing your Coalfire services and projects. You can easily manage the administrative, analytical, and technical aspects of your projects -- all in one place. This powerful cloud-based platform delivers technology and insight to help you simplify compliance, reduce risks, and empower your enterprise’s security.

Now you can spend less effort on assessment activities, minimize risks, and increase visibility and intelligence into assessments year-over-year. Developed and used by our assessors, this easy-to-use, secure web platform makes compliance a much better experience.

  • View risk and compliance assessments in real time.
  • Customize action items to align with your business processes.
  • Track your progress and receive timely prompts.
  • Access guidance and communicate with our assessors.
  • Share documents, manage assets lists, and review interview details.
  • Manage platform and project access.
  • Automate vulnerability scanning.


CoalfireOne key components

Developed and used by our own assessors, CoalfireOne provides a single place to access assessments tailored by our practice experts to fit your needs.


CoalfireOne scanning solutions

CoalfireOne provides all the testing, scanning, documentation, reporting tools, and auditor support you need to effectively maintain compliance and avoid a data breach.