Cyber Threat Hunt Operations

Evaluate your network for hidden threats that automated tools overlook

Take a proactive approach to network defense. Advanced threat actors can easily bypass millions of dollars of security products. Protect yourself by having Coalfire Labs hunt for and uncover hidden threats and risks.

Utilizing open source tools developed by our team, we’ve created a threat hunting methodology focused on identifying active threats in your environment that current detection capabilities can’t find or haven’t found.

  • Quickly triage your network for cyber threats using advanced adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).
  • Proactively gauge operational risk to your systems and improve your cybersecurity posture.
  • Identify and remedy cyber vulnerabilities in your network environment.

Why choose Coalfire as your threat hunt partner?
Get one step ahead of threats with our comprehensive, technology-agnostic approach that:

  • Employs advanced tradecraft to identify system and organizational weaknesses.
  • Simulates malicious threat actors and evades system defense measures to better emulate attackers and assess the effectiveness of your security processes, personnel, and technology.