Internet of Things Services

Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) Ecosystem to Empower the Way We Live and Work

To unlock the full potential of IoT, a holistic approach to security across the complete ecosystem of connected devices, the software that makes them useful, and the cloud and network infrastructure that supports them is essential.

IoT users, makers, and operators have distinct security requirements that need to work in concert. Coalfire helps security leaders understand the expanded attack surface of the IoT ecosystem and model the threats and implications of attacks so business leaders can make informed decisions about their defensive options. Our services allow constituents to test, monitor, and secure the physical and digital world of IoT.

Securing both the ‘I’ and ‘T’ in IoT

Whether you’re bringing new IoT products to market, implementing them into your networks, or integrating IoT connectivity into your existing offerings, you face a range of security challenges. Coalfire helps you secure products, infrastructure, and services, thereby reducing risk and protecting customer data and privacy – before products go to market and throughout their lifecycles. We can help you identify vulnerabilities in embedded devices, applications, back-end services, APIs, cloud platforms, and their connected environments. We can also help you understand the implications of connecting new assets to your network and how to ensure continuous monitoring and compliance.

Our IoT security services include:

​Why Coalfire for IoT Security

With intelligence gathered from our cutting-edge security research and advanced penetration testing projects, our world-class Coalfire Labs team understands how attackers think and operate. We go beyond the tools and apply the human element that results in the deep, specialized knowledge we bring to every engagement.

Our millions of scans, thousands of penetration tests, and contributions to the security community have established Coalfire Labs as world-renowned experts on the past, present, and future of security.

Our IoT engagements have included:

  • Developing a connected appliance (IoT) cybersecurity framework for a large appliance manufacturer.
  • Helping a medical device manufacturer mature their overall security program with pre-market device testing.
  • Exploiting vulnerabilities/mitigating risk in connected-car software at a major automotive company to deliver a secure and safe electric automobile.
  • Providing competitive differentiation for the effective marketing and selling of solutions.
  • Helping organizations take new products to market by providing valuable third-party validation and white papers that outlined the security approach and controls embedded within a solution.