Video and audio forensics

Ensure the authenticity and maintain the integrity of vital media evidence

Audio, photographic, and video footage are critical assets in the investigation of any security incident. Yet, ensuring the quality and authenticity of digital evidence is a challenge. Commercially available software makes it easy for a novice to manipulate video or audio recordings that can compromise legal proceedings and be the difference between whether evidence is admitted or dismissed. Likewise, footage and audio can be diminished by environmental factors, such as shadows and sunlight, which can make it difficult to distinguish information -- and potentially render evidence inadmissible.

Coalfire’s media forensics team can help your organization overcome such challenges through the acquisition, analysis, and presentation of audio, video, or photographic evidence. Our experts are trained to examine evidence, verify its integrity, and, when needed, enhance recordings or images to more clearly identify that vital piece of evidence.  

Using state-of-the art technology, we conduct thorough examinations of audio, photographic images, and video recordings to reveal information, such as the location where the image was captured, and enhance audio to remove noise and interference.

Why Choose Coalfire for your Video and Audio Forensics Needs

Trust Coalfire to ensure the authenticity and legality of your media evidence. Our services provide a number of benefits:

  • We employ forensic techniques that have undergone empirical testing, have been subject to peer review, are controlled by standards, and have general acceptance in the relevant scientific community.  Maintaining the integrity and provenance of audio/visual evidence upon seizure and throughout processing ensures that any AV evidence examined by Coalfire is admissible in a court of law.

  • Access to a media forensics team with experience in law enforcement, legal defense, and commercial sectors. Our team has deep expertise in the enhancement and authentication of surveillance and covert videos, still images, telephone audio, and crowd-sourced mobile and video evidence.

Security incident and post-containment services through our digital forensics team, if required.