Retainer Services

Data breaches are one of the most stressful things a company can experience. Negative press releases, customer distrust, and large company expenses are just a few of the adversities breached companies face.

Being prepared ahead of an attack is crucial for solving a problem quickly. Using our retainer program, customers can utilize all of our forensic services ensuring that the root of their security breach is identified and assessed effectively, allowing an appropriate and efficient response from their business. In an age where the technological infrastructure we all use has proven to be volatile to attackers, a proactive approach to digital forensics will serve by giving you and your company peace of mind in the event of an attack.

Value to Our Clients

Coalfire's forensic retainer services allow customers to:
  • Lock in a discounted rate of service
  • Quick reaction time to incident with no contractual negotiation process
  • Leverage other Coalfire services such as penetration testing and reports on compliance at same discounted rate if retainer services are not required for a breach