Digital Forensics Retainer Services

The peace of mind you need and the cyber-attack readiness your mission demands

Data breaches are one of the most stressful things a company or public sector agency can experience. Negative media coverage, customer distrust, and large expenses are just a few of the adversities breached organizations face.

When a security incident hits your organization, whether it’s a data breach or human resources matter, it’s vital that you are prepared and have the expertise to respond so that critical assets are protected and data recovery is assured.

The Coalfire digital forensics retainer program gives you the flexibility to utilize some or all our forensic services so that you can plan for and respond to an attack with the reassurance of locked-in pricing.

In an age where the technological infrastructure we all use has proven to be volatile to attackers, a proactive approach to digital forensics can provide much-needed peace of mind in the event of an attack.

Our experts will help you get to the root of the security breach and ensure that it’s identified and assessed effectively, so that you can respond appropriately and efficiently.