CoalCast Podcast by Coalfire Labs

Listen to real-life stories of our security team exploiting vulnerabilities

Coalfire Labs security experts created the CoalCast Podcast to discuss general cybersecurity topics and current events targeted toward the InfoSec audience. The podcast discussions include security and penetration testing tradecraft, including in-depth discussions of tools, methodologies, attack strategies, tips and tricks, pitfalls and developments, as well as the adventures of experienced information security professionals.

S1E1 - Phishing

The podcast is hosted by Coalfire’s Security Consultant Logan Evans (@Sweetrollbandit) and Associate Nate Curry (@Clutchisback1). The first episode of the podcast explores the topic of phishing and is available now on the following platforms:

S1E2 - Podcast #2

Release date: TBD

The second episode in the podcast will cover AMT and developments in the Coalfire Labs Research and Development (R&D) team. Coalfire Security Consultant Victor Teissler (@VTeissler) and Senior Researcher Bryce Bearchell (@soen_vanned) will be featured guests.

Coalfire plans to invite external guest speakers to share their insights in future episodes. Future topics in the podcast series will include:

  • Internal Network Testing
  • FedRAMP
  • Mobile Apps
  • Certifications
  • Other InfoSec topics to be announced