PCI DSS Report on Compliance (ROC)

Go beyond a checklist approach

Trusted PCI compliance assessments involve more than just a quick checklist process to produce a report on compliance (ROC). They are designed to help confirm that cardholder data is protected and assure cardholders that they can safely use their credit cards. Deficient and hurried assessments can increase the risk and impact of a data breach, while weak assessment processes can result in delays, business disruption and cost overruns.

Look Under the ROC

There are many qualified security assessor (QSA) firms that can deliver ROCs. But not all ROCs are the same. Some QSA firms send out junior auditors that simply follow checklists. Others conveniently identify compliance gaps for related business to remediate. Some lack the technical acumen, QA processes and peer reviews that ensure accuracy and clarity. And still others make mistakes in scoping the cardholder data environment (CDE).

At Coalfire, we believe that if you're going to invest budget and resources in a ROC, you deserve more than a check-in-the-box. You should get:

  • An experienced assessor that can readily understand your business security goals and practical knowledge with the payment solutions and technologies you use.
  • A thorough and complete depiction of your CDE, and by extension, the risks that you need to manage.
  • An accurate assessment of where you stand versus the requirements.
  • Independent recommendations on procedures and solutions that will help you close identified gaps.
  • Evidence that proves that your controls are in place and working effectively.
  • A fully documented ROC that is accepted – the first time around – by your business partners.

All assessment projects utilize our CoalfireOne℠ platform. The CoalfireOne portal is your hub for accessing your Coalfire services and projects. It provides access to your project information, schedule and documents, and improves assessment efficiency and quality. CoalfireOne empowers you simplify compliance, reduce risks and strengthen your enterprise’s security.

Why Choose Coalfire for your Report on Compliance

Look at our history since we started as one of the original PCI DSS QSA firms:

  • Served thousands of PCI clients receiving assessments and PCI consulting for PCI DSS, Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), PA-DSS, scope reduction, gap analysis, and more.
  • Provided assessments for the largest organizations across nearly every industry including traditional and online retail, software and hardware technology, cloud services, financial services, state and local government, higher education and the federal government.
  • Assessed and validated more payment applications on the market today than any other vendor.
  • Led the validation of use of virtualization and cloud platforms for cardholder data environments.

Developed unparalleled experience assessing technologies that cover the IT architecture with well over 100 in-depth technical papers available to support your project.

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