PCI DSS Scope Definition & Advisory

Zeroing in on your PCI Compliance Target

With more than 10 years of payment card industry (PCI) history behind us, organizations still struggle with defining, documenting, and maintaining PCI compliance scope. Even with the PCI SSC’s recent scoping clarifications, it is still the greatest challenge to an efficient and effective assessment and realizing full security benefits of your compliance investment.

The problem is that deficient and hurried scoping can lead to delays and cost overruns, blind spots in your environment and processes, and unidentified security risks. Even the PCI SSC has acknowledged that improper scoping has contributed to stolen cardholder data.

Navigate PCI DSS Compliance Scope

Coalfire’s PCI Scope Definition and Advisory service can help you navigate through complex scoping scenarios and the myriad of scoping rules. Ultimately, we can improve your compliance programs by:

  • Providing repeatable processes and documentation to simplify future assessments.
  • Enabling a risk-driven approach to future assessments.
  • Educating you and the broader IT organization on the implications of technology decisions on compliance and security.
  • Improving security outcomes.

Through our experience conducting thousands of PCI compliance assessments, Coalfire will help you properly define and document PCI assets (CDE and connected-to), scope boundaries and segmentation impacts, service provider responsibilities, and physical locations, and assist in developing a comprehensive data storage inventory. We start with high-level business processes and follow your data though application interfaces and server and database connections. We also analyze ingress and egress traffic dependencies to ensure you know where your critical data and PCI assets are located.

Coalfire will assist in documenting the entire process, giving you the necessary scope definition results to ensure your PCI compliance assessment stays on track and is limited to only necessary applications, infrastructure, facilities, and people. Additionally, we will provide you with a defined process that allows you to conduct your own scoping exercises in preparation of future PCI compliance efforts.

Why Choose Coalfire for your PCI DSS Scope Definition & Advisory

Since our founding in 2001, Coalfire has established itself as a pure-play, vendor-neutral cybersecurity advisory firm serving as a trusted advisor to executives, legal counsel, compliance managers and security practitioners across numerous industries.

Each Coalfire project is led by a credentialed, industry-savvy senior director and supported by consultants armed with the methodologies, insights and know-how accumulated through service to over 1,400 clients annually.

In addition, our CoalfireOne℠ platform provides you with the testing, documentation, reporting tools, and QSA support so you can use your Scope Definition and Advisory reports to reduce the costs and timeline of future PCI DSS Assessments. The easy-to-use and secure CoalfireOne platform contains advanced features that make managing your risk and compliance program much easier.

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