PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI)

Have you suffered a data breach and need to engage a PCI Forensic Investigator?

Don’t panic, Coalfire is here and ready to support you through the process. Simply contact us here and we’ll guide you through every step.

What do we do?

  • Coalfire PCI Forensic Investigators (PFIs) help determine whether cardholder data has been compromised and when and how it may have occurred
  • We perform investigations using proven investigative methodologies and tools
  • We also maintain relationships with law enforcement to support stakeholders with any resulting criminal investigations

Why Coalfire?

Coalfire is uniquely positioned to quickly and effectively investigate your incident.

Payment system and technology experts

  • Coalfire brings domain knowledge in cloud, embedded systems, encryption, IoT, mobile, and virtualization technologies as well as insights on how these are leveraged in payments environments
  • We work with all the major payment processors and understand processes and tools used in the industry

Cloud experts

  • Whether your system is on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, Coalfire has the knowledge to investigate it quickly
  • Coalfire works with all the major Cloud Service Providers and brings a detailed understanding of security architectures

Experienced providers of incident response services

  • With an entire practice dedicated to incident response and digital forensics, Coalfire can investigate and remediate cybersecurity breaches for organizations of all sizes
  • Our team comprises former federal law enforcement officers and government contractors specializing in cyber operations. These analysts have numerous forensic certifications and have been recognized as computer forensics experts in state and federal courts

Broad coverage

  • Coalfire is one of only 5 PCI PFIs in both the U.S. and European regions

Proven payments experts

  • Coalfire’s extensive experience of over 15 years in the payments industry as a QSA uniquely qualifies us to understand an environment that may have undergone a Credit Card breach
  • Coalfire is one of the key inaugural members of the PCI QSA program and works closely with the PCI SSC and the Card brands to continually support improvements in the many standards including PCI DSS, PA-DSS, PFI, and P2PE
  • Communication is critical in a PFI engagement, and Coalfire has rigorous communication standards that help ensure all parties have the appropriate information as quickly as possible

Insights to help you remediate issues quickly

  • Coalfire is your trusted partner – our objective approach to security means we will support your critical business needs while following the PCI and brand requirements closely to get you through the process and back to your normal business routine
  • Our deep experience in emerging IT and architectures, including virtualization, cloud, and EMV, bring us in-depth understanding of the risks they present to your compliance posture so that when you are through the PFI process, you’ll have a solid path to success
  • Coalfire has a broad set of advisory and testing services in addition to our assessment/certification services

Objective / trusted advisor

  • Coalfire’s firm stance on technology and vendor independence allows for thorough, in-depth, and unbiased recommendations to move you beyond a breach and help ensure future breaches are prevented

What to do when you have issues?

  • As soon as you suspect your network has been breached, you should contact a PFI. The faster you can remediate a data security breach, the faster it stops the loss of data and minimizes the impact to your reputation
  • If you need PFI services, please email us at PFI@Coalfire.com, and someone will reach out to you shortly


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