PA-DSS Validation

Identity theft is one of the top consumer concerns globally—and credit card data theft is a primary cause for worry. In order to safeguard card holder data and mitigate security breaches, merchants prioritize PA-DSS validation for any payment processing solutions they utilize in their business. For application developers, validating PA-DSS compliance is crucial.

Giving You a Clean Report

Coalfire provides more PA-DSS compliance validations than any other QSA in the industry.  Our services equip application developers to build compliance into payment applications during development so you can identify and remediate gaps before the assessment begins.

During a PA-DSS assessment, performed by a Payment Application Qualified Security Assessor (PA-QSA), we will evaluate or perform your company’s risk assessment, evaluate the payment application’s handling of payment card data, validate and confirm segmentation controls, and can even use forensics or penetration testing tools to validate your own assessment.

In addition, our CoalfireOne℠ platform provides organizations with the testing, documentation, reporting tools, and QSA support needed to support your PA-DSS needs.  The easy-to-use and secure CoalfireOne platform contains advanced features that make managing your risk and compliance program much easier.

The Standard for Payment Application Security

Coalfire has been a payment applications qualified security assessor since the inception of the PA-DSS standard, completing more ROVs than any other independent assessor. We are closely aligned with the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and actively participate on working committees responsible for updating standards and testing procedures.