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As payment card data is subject to constant threats from cyber criminals, securing payments is paramount to business success. Managing the security of payment applications falls to the PCI Security Standards Council’s Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). The PA-DSS ensures that essential application security controls are implemented, and software is developed in line with good security practices.

Why validate to PA-DSS?

Having an application validated to the PA-DSS standard enables you to demonstrate to acquiring banks, payment processors, payment card brands, and retailers that you take application security seriously. You can simplify PCI DSS assessments by using a PA-DSS validated application, which can be mandated by acquiring banks and the card brands in some circumstances.

Coalfire completes more PA-DSS assessments than any other Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) in the world. Our dedicated specialist unit of application security professionals has been delivering application security assessments since the infancy of the PA-DSS program, when it was known as a PABP assessment.

Our team uses CoalfireOne℠ to ensure projects are consistently managed and that compliance challenges are identified early so they can be addressed quickly and cost effectively. CoalfireOne is designed for collaboration to ensure our clients are an integral part of the assessment process.

We help you:

  • Integrate security into your payment application development lifecycle for a more efficient compliance process.
  • Save time and resources by integrating your security and compliance needs into the early stages of development and streamline the PA-DSS assessment process.
  • Access unparalleled technical expertise, reducing the time it takes for an assessment to be delivered.
  • Rely on consistent results from our proven methodology and technology-enabled team.
  • Take advantage of an expert team of trusted advisors who will support the process and work with you to ensure you are successful.

Why choose Coalfire for your PA-DSS needs?

Dedicating a team to PA-DSS assessments has allowed us to continuously improve our process and to have expert focus and centralized resources for more thorough, efficient engagements. We continuously collaborate with clients across their development, engineering, and product teams to support their delivery of more secure applications.

We lead the way in assessing the security of advanced payment application technology, and work directly with the PCI Council to improve the standards.

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