DEA EPCS Certification Audit

Simplify DEA EPCS compliance with expert auditing and assessment services

As electronic prescriptions become more popular and progressively mandated by state legislatures, healthcare practitioners and pharmacies are required to deal with yet another regulatory burden – compliance with the U.S. Drug Enforcement’s (DEA) Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (ECPS) rule.

Every two years providers and pharmacies must undertake a third-party audit of their electronic prescription or pharmacy management applications in order to achieve DEA EPCS certification. The process is made more complicated by the DEA’s rigorous standards, which can be difficult to navigate.

To help simplify the process, Coalfire has developed a third-party auditing program that you can rely on for your EPCS assessment and certification. We provide the following services:

  • Education – We ensure you have the education and guidance you need to meet federal requirements before your electronic prescription or pharmacy management application is deployed.
  • Gap Analysis – We apply our knowledge to identify areas where the application is deficient and outline remediation recommendations.
  • Auditing Services – Finally, we provide assessment and certification of the application. Key factors to compliance include access controls (such as the use of DEA-approved two-factor authentication (2fa) vendors), the identification of proofing services, evidence management, system confidentiality and integrity, and the physical security of the application.

Why Choose Coalfire for your DEA EPCS Certification Audit

  • We are a leading application assessment auditor for electronic prescription applications, electronic medical record providers and payment applications.
  • Our rigorous approach to helping healthcare providers and pharmacies simplify compliance is demonstrated by our expertise in DEA ECPS, HIPAA, HITRUST, and Omnibus mandates. We apply this knowledge to your organization to help establish a sustainable, effective security, risk and compliance program.