Align Compliance Assessments to Reduce Audit Fatigue

Multiple compliance requirements slow down organizations trying to stay focused on their business. Coalfire has a solution to help enterprises manage new and evolving threats and compliance mandates.

Consolidated Audit Program

Over 25% of our enterprise customers have purchased more than one compliance report from us. These companies are faced with significant compliance requirements. To address this, we created an advanced audit process called the Consolidated Audit Program (CAP). CAP optimizes audits by sequencing the work, centrally managing risk, and orchestrating testing efficiencies.

Partnering with Unified Compliance Framework

Embedded in our CAP offering is the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF), a third-party database of controls and compliance requirements. UCF provides the data for mapping controls across multiple compliance areas and allows for more structured audits process to improve the overall efficiency of testing and reporting activities.

Improve Audit Efficiencies

  • Streamline audit activities across multiple legal or regulatory areas
  • Enhance visibility into end-to-end controls
  • Prioritize control management through identification of common controls across multiple compliance areas
  • Identify incremental control requirements to enter new markets, and evaluate the impact of a new compliance or regulatory standard

The CAP solution helps organizations spend less time on audits and assessments and more time growing their business.

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