The Audit Committee and Cyber Risk Oversight

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Perspectives from a Director, an Attorney, an Auditor and a CEO

The Audit Committee and Cyber Risk Oversight

Per a report cited in the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Director’s Cyber-Risk Oversight Handbook, intellectual property and other intangibles represent approximately 90% of the total value of Fortune 500 firms. The NACD goes on to note that since those assets are increasingly digitized, cybersecurity has become a top issue in the boardroom.

Coalfire recently partnered with the NACD to host a panel discussion on cyber risk oversight. This paper summarizes the questions asked of and answered by our panelists, including:

  • The most significant cybersecurity-related concerns of experienced directors
  • The board’s role in cyber risk management
  • How boards can get started on cyber risk oversight
  • Typical early discoveries in cyber risk oversight program
  • Participants in the cyber risk oversight process
  • Tips regarding cyber insurance

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