Sneak Peek: Coalfire's Penetration Risk Report 2019

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Full Report to be Released in Fall 2019

Sneak Peek: Coalfire's Penetration Risk Report 2019

Many organizations expend so much capital on security tools and technologies that they feel penetration testing is unnecessary. Yet, as countless breaches of otherwise secure organizations demonstrate, it’s essential to probe your defenses for gaps in the same way that an attacker would – before you suffer a breach. Penetration testing is designed to test your organization for weaknesses using attacker methodologies.

Each year, we present our results of top vulnerabilities across internal/external networks, applications, and social engineering defenses in our Penetration Risk Report, leveraging data gleaned from hundreds of penetration testing engagements. Our 2019 report will be released in the fall; but below, we are pleased to present to you some of the key findings of the report in this advanced “Sneak Peek”.

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