The Drive Toward GDPR Compliance


Presented by Coalfire, Ropes & Gray, OneTrust

The Drive Toward GDPR Compliance

In an effort to elevate our role as a trusted advisor and a critical contributor to customer digital transformation, Coalfire hosted this virtual event for organizations seeking knowledge and actionable guidance about the GDPR.  The objective of this webinar is to go beyond simply explaining the GDPR and its requirements. In this panel-format webinar we’ll feature three GDPR experts who bring various perspectives and deep-dive knowledge of the regulation and its requirements.

Topics covered include the pros and cons of BCRs, how to leverage your existing compliance initiatives to get a head start on the GDPR requirements, the differences between security and privacy GRC tools and how they can increase efficiency, the relevance of a risk-based approach to data protection, and much more.  They will explain how the GDPR sets a new bar for privacy rights, security and compliance while delivering recommendations and prioritizing next steps.

We’ll also cover:

  • How to build the new requirements into your business model to become and remain compliant.
  • GDPR and vendor management.
  • Data mapping and data inventory – how to scale, update and maintain.
  • Policies, procedures and other accountability mechanisms.
  • The benefits of addressing the GDPR accountability obligations early.
  • Time-saving methods of using existing policies, procedures and accountability mechanisms for early successes.
  • Trends and analysis from real-world implementations.
  • Requirements for implementing DPIAs.
  • Legal obligations for and responsibilities of data processors and controllers under the GDPR.

We look forward to supporting you on your GDPR journey.

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 Webinar FAQ – Transcribed Panel Discussion