The FedRAMP ATO Process - Lessons Learned

Coalfire Webinar

Coalfire Federal’s third party assessment was recently accepted by the FedRAMP JAB, resulting in the grant of a FedRAMP Provisional ATO of the Lockheed Martin SolaS cloud environment. This webinar will discuss and illustrate lessons learned from working with more than 20 CSPs we are supporting through the FedRAMP process and in achieving the FedRAMP P-ATO.

While there are other authorized CSPs under the FedRAMP program- two were part of the original GSA IaaS BPA (a grandfathering if you will) and the other was awarded an Agency ATO leveraged by FedRAMP. The 3PAO FedRAMP assessment process is rigorous and detailed for many reasons. This webinar discusses opportunities and lessons learned from this end-to-end process.

Topics Covered:

  • Lessons learned in control selection, security testing, documentation and remediation
  • Agency ATO process and FedRAMP JAB ATO process – there’s a difference?
  • FedRAMP for IaaS – Controls, processes, templates
  • FedRAMP for SaaS – subtle differences in controls and enhancement in scope if leveraging an authorized IaaS environment
  • Meetings, meetings, meetings
  • How to leverage a FISMA initiative to prepare for FedRAMP in the future
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