Solution-driven Strategies for Cost-Effective PCI Compliance


Presented by Coalfire

Solution-driven Strategies for Cost-Effective PCI Compliance

Managing an effective compliance program means balancing technical, security, and regulatory requirements while also keeping business strategy, culture, and operations top of mind.  Amid the noise, it is easy to lose sight of ensuring the program is also cost-effective.

In this webinar, Sam Pfanstiel, Coalfire’s Director of Solution Architecture, will discuss building an effective compliance program that takes into account cost drivers, and leveraging solutions that minimize total cost of ownership, while still maximizing security posture and aligning with your existing technical architecture and other business constraints.

Sam presented an overview of research on compliance cost at last month’s PCI North American Community Meeting, and in this session will lead us on a deeper dive into the economics of establishing a cost-effective compliance program.

This webinar will explore a range of actionable topics on cost-effective compliance, including:

  • Hackonomics 101 –  Connecting the dots between your cybersecurity investment and the economy of the Dark Web.
  • Measuring PCI Compliance Costs – How to measure and benchmark your compliance spend to spotlight inefficiencies.
  • Solution-driven Security Strategies – Developing a secure and effective compliance program leveraging next-gen industry technologies – without breaking the bank.
  • Creating a Compelling Business Case – Translating program optimization to reduced compliance TCO:  the case for improving risk posture through efficient governance.

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Sam-Pfanstiel.pngSam Pfanstiel has two decades of information technology management, e-commerce, mobile payments, and security experience. As the Director of Solution Architecture at Coalfire, he is responsible for translating requirements created by IT risk and compliance mandates into business-centric cyber solutions strategies. His experience covers a broad spectrum of disciplines including payment security, PCI compliance, fraud, application security, mobile security, IT infrastructure, secure software development, point-to-point encryption, and card brand compliance.