Medical Device Security – How to Protect Data in a Connected World


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Medical Device Security – How to Protect Data in a Connected World

The hacking of medical devices is set to be one of the most significant security threats the healthcare industry will face in 2016. If you’re not putting best practices in place now, there could be problems.  It’s important to identify stakeholder responsibilities when it comes to the security of medical devices, especially if the lack of security threatens data throughout your organization. What should the government, healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers be doing to ensure that the security of these devices help mitigate risk?

In this webinar, you’ll learn what medical device manufacturers are doing, or not doing, to embed security into devices, and find out about best practices that healthcare providers can implement to increase data security.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • What medical device manufacturers can do about building in security.
  • How to apply FDA guidance and engage industry working groups related to medical device security.
  • How healthcare providers can implement best practices to help secure ePHI and mitigate risk by effectively applying controls at every phase of the medical device lifecycle.
  • Initiating productive risk discussions with IT security and biomedical teams to bridge the knowledge gap.

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