Jumpstart HITRUST CSF Certification with a Proven Methodology

Coalfire Webinar

Has your organization received a letter requiring you to be HITRUST CSF certified or is your organization considering HITRUST validation as a better alternative to managing the web of compliance regulations in the healthcare industry?

Either way, you'll benefit from this webinar that educates newcomers about the HITRUST CSF certification process and provides answers for those who need clarification. 

Here are some things we’ll cover: 

  • An overview of the industry, regulations, and challenges
  • An introduction to HITRUST, the HITRUST CSF, and MyCSF
  • A look at the HITRUST CSF assessment process
  • The importance of a comprehensive and proven assessment methodology
  • Avoiding common pitfalls that can increase cost and timeline
  • Selecting an Assessor firm
  • The costs of HITRUST CSF certification

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