The FedRAMP 2.0 Update - FedRAMP assessment lessons learned, upcoming FedRAMP 2.0 and NIST SP 800-53 rev3 to rev4 transition

Coalfire Webinar

Rob Barnes, Public Sector Practice Leader

The June 5th FedRAMP deadline is less than a month away and there is more movement around FedRAMP than ever before.  FedRAMP has become one of the hottest programs affecting the Federal government and commercial providers.

This free 45-minute webinar, conducted by Rob Barnes, Federal Practice Director for Coalfire Public Sector, the leading Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO), will provide an overview of the current state of Cloud Computing and the Federal government will update attendees on the lessons learned from successfully getting clients through the FedRAMP P-ATO process or preparing them for a FedRAMP Assessment.

Further, we’ll look at how changes to NIST, FedRAMP, and the DoD will affect agencies and commercial providers such as transition plans that CSPs will have to make as NIST SP 800-53 rev 4 is finalized (expected June 1, 2014), the upcoming FedRAMP 2.0 updates, the volume increase in “in-process” listings for CSPs pursuing the JAB or Agency Authorization path and the emerging DISA ECSB program.

Topics Covered:

  • Learn how to get listed as an “in-process” CSP with the FedRAMP PMO, what milestones must be met
  • Hear updated lessons learned from the FedRAMP assessment and advisory process – common obstacles, timeline efficiencies
  • Learn how the transition from NIST SP 800-53 rev 3 to rev 4 affects CSPs when it goes into effect on June 1, 2014
  • Understand how the DISA ECSB program leverages FedRAMP and efficiencies in pursuing both Authorizations
  • Where to begin or how to keep moving through the FedRAMP pre-assessment, advisory or assessment process
    This webinar will be 45 minutes in presentation length with 15 minutes for Q&A.
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