Cybersecurity for SaaS Providers

Coalfire Webinar

The rapid expansion of cloud services clearly points to the convenience of these services in the market. We have gone from CIO’s and CTO’s not wanting to let go of control of their data only a few years ago, to now being unable to ignore the efficiencies of `the Cloud’. 

One of the key areas of cloud growth, Software as a Service or SaaS, has been on a double digit growth path since 2007. SaaS providers are not immune to enterprise security concerns. While SaaS providers may consider themselves a technology company their customers may use the SaaS offerings across a number of industries, industries that may have specific security and compliance requirements.  In order to gain additional customers in the industries with security and compliance requirements SaaS providers should understand those requirements and choose which of those industries will drive their growth. 

Chip Coy, Director of Coalfire Solution Architecture, will cover several of the security requirements frameworks that are likely to be required by the customers of SaaS solutions.

Attendees of this free webinar will:

- Learn about the security that customers expect from their SaaS providers
- Gain an understanding of several of the security frameworks required by customers
- Learn the initial steps to take in implementing security in a SaaS offering