Technical Security Services - Coalfire Labs

What is Coalfire Labs?

Coalfire Labs simulates threats, evades your defenses, and hunts for active breaches in your environment. Our team of highly skilled security professionals uses best-of-breed technical security assessment methodologies and unmatched analysis capabilities to help you fully understand the effectiveness of your organization’s security operations.

Armed with greater insight into how successful and unsuccessful breaches happen, you can strengthen your defenses, close gaps, and improve your overall security posture.


Understand the real-world risks and impact of system vulnerabilities with proactive threat management

Collect, preserve and analyze digital evidence for an enhanced understanding of security incidents.

Securing the design, development and deployment of your applications

Protect sensitive information systems with regular check ups.

Test your organization’s defense against an emulated real-world attack

Organizations that are victims of ransomware or think they may be victims of ransomware should employ some or all of these solutions for prevention and recovery.