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As a courtesy check-in:

The CoalfireOne Scanning Services Team would like to remind you that we are now roughly half-way through the standard calendar-year Quarter 2 for 2019. This means that there are approximately 6 weeks left to achieve a successful scan for your various environments to achieve compliance for the quarter.

If you are scanning for PCI compliance, you have the remainder of the quarter to work on remediation efforts, to conduct necessary rescanning to submit applicable disputes to achieve passing scans. If you are not scanning for compliance purposes, it is considered industry best practice to scan at a monthly minimum, or after any major change within your network. 

Last, but certainly not least, the CoalfireOne Scanning Services Team launched our new and improved CoalfireOne Scans Platform on April 3rd, 2019! We hope you enjoyed the live webinars and are just as excited as we are. If you haven't already gone through migration, you can expect to receive communications soon regarding the process to get you ported over and how to use your new Scans portal, so stay tuned!!

As always, we, as your dedicated ASVs, are here to help. If you have any questions or concerns about how to achieve passing scans, please contact the CoalfireOne Scanning Services Team at 650-597-4510 or at

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