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Getting Ready for the New CoalfireOne Scans Platform

If you’ve been following the CoalfireOne Scanning Services quarterly newsletter, you’re likely already aware that our current CoalfireOne Scans platform is undergoing a huge transformation. If not, read on—we’ve got you covered.

The CoalfireOne Scanning Services Team is launching a brand new and improved CoalfireOne Scans platform, scheduled for launch early in the second quarter, 2019. As a result, all current and future CoalfireOne Scanning clients will be migrated to the new platform in phases over the next several months. Clients will be notified of their migration timeframe via phone calls and emails.

Any volunteers?

If you’d like to be included in the first round of migrations... step on up! Please send an email to with the subject line “Client Migration Volunteer” and we’ll take it from there. If not, just sit back and relax, and when your turn arrives, enjoy the ride!

But what about all my old reports and data?

Reporting and data will still be obtainable on the old platform for one year, and per section 4.3 of the PCI DSS Program guidelines, Coalfire will retain all data for three years. Please note, once your account has been migrated to the new scanning platform, scanning privileges on the old platform will no longer be available.

What can I do to make this transition run smoothly?

Please review your targets list and schedules and be sure you have updated them and deleted any unnecessary/out-of-scope targets. Additionally, please ensure the contact information within the CoalfireOne Scans platform is up to date with correct users, phone numbers, and email addresses. These are vital steps in the process that help with data clean up and confirming we are contacting the right individuals.

What does this mean for me?

It’s an exciting time—this is a chance for you to start fresh and clean! All targets and users will be migrated to the new portal for you.

What’s on the horizon?

Time for some learning. In the coming weeks, we’ll be hosting a few webinars to demonstrate the new CoalfireOne Scans Platform and all its greatness. We encourage you to attend the virtual tour and ask questions. If you’re unable to attend, no sweat. The Coalfire Scanning Services Team will upload instructional videos and documentation to, outlining everything from A to Z. Of course, feel free to ask questions or request a personal demo of the new scanning tool. We’re here for you!

We can’t wait to show you around! Coalfire is incorporating many unique and noteworthy attributes that provide in-depth vulnerability tracking, a simplified dispute process, and tons more. Until then, keep one eye on your inbox and the other on your caller ID; your number may be the first called.

Have a question about CoalfireOne?

The CoalfireOne Scanning Services Team is ready to help. M-F: 6 AM-6 PM MT
650-597-4510 |

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