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January 10, 2019 | Volume 13

Coming Soon: New CoalfireOne Platform

Happy New Year and welcome to the first quarter!

As we mentioned last quarter, we are currently in the development stages of designing a new and improved CoalfireOne Scans Platform and we are excited to share a few snapshots of the design and features.

CoalfireOne Scans Platform Sneak Peek: Scheduling Scans

Did you notice our new website layout? This nifty website structure is called "Pageless Design" and has already gained the stamp of approval from our early adapters. With such positive feedback, it's apparent that creating scan schedules will be a smooth and simple process.

On the Scan Details tab, you can input scan frequency details, and immediately input your targets, setup scheduling black out periods, and review notifications, all within one seamless swoop.

CoalfireOne Scans Platform Sneak Peek: Adding Targets

Gone are the days of carving out a couple of hours from the workday to input targets into the portal. Adding new targets such as IP addresses, CIDR's, and/or Hostnames will be made easy. Don't recall the formatting details covered during the portal demo? We've got you covered with our quick guidelines shown in the pop-up above.

Once you've added your targets, you will see them listed and can quickly select all relevant targets to be included within your scan schedule as well as in the reporting.


CoalfireOne Scans Platform Sneak Peek: Portal Notifications

We understand that ASV Scanning can be a bit overwhelming at times, causing one to misplace tasks and deadlines. We hope to ease the stress by offering notifications and visual task lists to help you idenify what needs to be done to obtain compliance every step of the way. You can also send messages and notifications to collegues within the new portal. This feature will come in handy when collaborating with collegues to remediate findings, submit disputes, and more.

Excited for more?! Be sure to check back for more sneak peeks of the new platform in upcoming newsletters!

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Did you know?

  • Per PCI guidelines, disputes can be accepted for a period no longer than 90 days. CoalfireOne has a “Disputes by Vulnerability” option to lighten the load of submitting disputes from quarter to quarter.
  • Timely dispute response. Once a dispute is submitted, you will receive information if the dispute has been accepted or rejected within 5 business days. If the disputes have been rejected, a detailed explanation will be provided by a CoalfireOne representative.

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Friendly Reminders

Scan at least Monthly

Vulnerabilities are discovered every day. Coalfire recommends you to run automatic scans at least monthly, so you’ll always have the current vulnerability information for your hosts. This also allows those who complete ASV scans to identify vulnerabilities on hosts sooner, allowing for time to remediate before the end of the 90-day period.

Training and Help section

Need a refresher on how to submit a dispute or maybe how to provide evidence? Look no further! Coalfire provides user guides as well as training videos on various functions within CoalfireOne.

You can find the Training and Help Section by clicking here. 

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