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August 8, 2016 | Volume 3 | Issue 1

Upgraded External Scanning Engines and IP Changes

As Coalfire grows, we continually improve our systems and processes to provide a better service and experience for our customers.

Due to the increasing importance of fast and accurate vulnerability scanning, Coalfire will be upgrading its scanning engines in order to improve scanning and processing times as well as increase availability for its scans customers.

Where is what you need to know about the upgrade:

  • This upgrade will take place on September 25th, 2016.

  • The new scanning engine IP addresses are:

  • The new IP addresses for the scanning engines will need to be whitelisted prior to this date so that scans can succeed without interruption

Upcoming URL Change

Please be aware, our URL will be changing to on August 22, 2016. URL rewrites will be in place, so all of your bookmarks will still work. However, you will see a different address in your navigation bar.

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CoalfireOne℠ Overview

Coalfire's CoalfireOne℠ SaaS solutions provide the testing, scanning, documentation, reporting tools, and auditor support you need to effectively maintain organization compliance while ensuring protection from data breaches.

CoalfireOne services include:

  • PCI
  • Internal/External Scanning
  • Financial Services
  • Risk Management

"SSL and early TLS have been removed as an example of strong cryptography in the PCI DSS – these protocols will no longer protect cardholder data - and can no longer be used as a security control after June 30, 2016 or June 20, 2018 for Merchants.”

- PCI Council

CoalfireOne standard maintenance windows:

Every other Monday
4-6:30 PM PT

Every Thursday
12-3 PM PT